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You can now pre-order items from our menu online and skip the line.  Click HERE to go to our GoodFynds page to view our Food Truck schedule and/or order from the menu so we can have you ready to go when you get to our truck. 


We offer 2 options for our Food Truck Service - Vending OR Food Truck Catering. Typical serving times depend on      
the event but average 3 hours service, plus setup and breakdown times. Travel Fees are based on mileage from our      
West Columbia SC HQ. We have 2 Food Truck setups - Trailer Service OR Tent Service. Trailer Service is where we      
bring the trailer to serve out of, Tent Service is us setting up a tent with tables to serve from. Trailer Service is our first      
option, but if the trailer is needed on a larger event or being serviced / repaired, Tent Service is defaulted. We would      
notify the Client if this is necessary.      

  • Setup #1 (Offered from FL to WI and many places in between) - Food Truck Catering: Customers order from set menu or set menu options. Drinks will be set up in coolers and/or self serve stations outside the truck. Depending on guest      
    volume, some sides may be in self serve areas outside of truck. Client pays for a number of plates in advance,      
    let us know if overages are allowed for later billing.      
  • Setup #2 (SC Only) - Vending: Customers pay at window per item. $850 minimum in sales, shortages billed to      
    booking client. Menu to be determined prior to event or our default simplified restaurant menu to be offered.  

Contact Chris B @ 803-409-9089 (cell) or [email protected] for questions or booking.



Popular Food Truck Catering Menus:

  • BBQ Variety Menu - options of Burger, Pulled Pork, or Ribs with pick 2 Sides (Baked Beans, Slaw, Chips)
  • Picnic Special - Burgers & Dogs with pick 2 Sides (Baked Beans, Slaw, Chips)
  • Pork & Chicken + 3 Sides
  • 2 Meats + 3 Sides + Drinks + Dessert

Main Food Truck Individual Paid Menu:

Popular Menu Items to Choose from: (other selections available, these are the most requested)

Pulled Pork BBQ*Baked Beans*Banana PuddingIced Teas - Sweet & Unsweet
Smoked BBQ Ribs*Carolina Hash & RicePeach CobblerLemonade
Smoked ChickenMac & Cheese*Assorted Cookies*Assorted Can Sodas*
Pulled ChickenChips*Lemon Iced Cake*Bottled Water*
Smoked WingsCole Slaw*  
Grilled Burgers w/ Condiments*Potato Salad  
Grilled Hot Dogs w/ Chili*French Fries  
Fried Chicken Strips*   

* Denotes “Default Simplified Restaurant Menu” Items for vending events